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These Crystal Lamps Will Also Work as Air Purifiers

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Lamps play an integral role to the ambiance of your space not only because of the lighting that they provide but also because of the way that they look as they can add a modern or traditional touch depending on your preference.

Well now, they can also benefit your health as Himalayan Crystal lamps act as air purifiers due to their crystal housing.

The science behind crystal lamps is that the heat from the lamp helps emit negative ions from the crystal into the air providing the ioniser effect which leads to light therapy reducing stress and increasing energy.


Crystal Lamps are also helpful for symptoms of Asthma, Sinusitis and common allergies.

Selected from the Himalayan Mountains, only salt crystals with the best clarity and shape are hand carved ensuring the best quality. 

These crystal lamps’ colour range starts from beautiful light pink and all the way through orange and completes at deep red colour and all the lamps are factory packaged ensuring premium quality.

Each lamp by SourceDIY is a masterpiece in itself.

SourceDIY Himalyan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps retail for £23.95 on Amazon.