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H&M Home’s Latest Range Wants To Help Bring Life To Blank Spaces With Winter Green Decorations

hm home decorative plants
© H&M Home

Giving homes a fresh springtime upgrade has been made simpler courtesy of H&M Home’s latest stylish indoor gardening collection.

The high street homeware experts have unveiled a new stylish and decorative pot collection for indoor plants, perfect for those looking to give their homes a fresh touch of natural life.

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hm home decorative plants

H&M Home

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2020 is set to be the year of filling homes with all things natural and embracing the great outdoors, indoors.

Out are the plastic plants and in is the alive, lush greenery helping to give homes a refreshing air of life and nature.

hm home decorative plants

H&M Home

The new collection features everything from large pots perfect for housing those grand indoor plants, small marble alternatives for baby succulents to stoneware vases, metalic watering cans, candlesticks and a host of other decorative indoor gardening elements.

Prices for the HM Home decorative plants collection start at £8 for a small wooden plant pot and go up to £29.99 for a large plant pot on a wooden pedestal. All are available to buy in-store or at H&M Home online.

For more information on the HM Home decorative plants collection visit H&M Home online.

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