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Design Friendly Home Lighting Ideas Under £100 Your Budget Will Appreciate

© Photo by Thomas Litangen on Unsplash

Lighting a home is as easy as flipping a switch, but shopping for well-designed lighting on a budget? Well, it’s an uphill battle.

First, think carefully about your lighting needs.

Consider how the living spaces in your homes are used — eating, working, reading, watching television and so on — and the lighting requirements will naturally follow.

The task is then to layer lighting in each room to add warmth and functionality. Stay with us: good lighting is worth it.

Home lighting ideas: string lights

Globe lights


Globe lights are a major trend. These grown up string lights are a modern home favourite, adding playfulness and ambiance inside and out. Now you can get the look — 27 feet in fact — for just a smidge over £20. Dress up a back garden, entertaining space or hallway with a festive touch.

Amazon, £20.99

Fairy lights

Marcus Wallis on Unsplash

Fairy lights add such a cosy feel that it’s a shame to restrict them to Christmas.

These no fuss fairy curtain lights transform any dinner party or night at home into something enchanting.

Amazon, £17.99

Home lighting ideas: table lights

RANARP Work Lamp

Ikea saves the day with this incredibly chic and functional work lamp.

Great atop desks, bedside tables, or reading chairs, the Raskog is a mere £30. Ikea offers RANARP in black and white with gold accents as a floor lamp, wall or clamp spotlight and pendant lamp.

Ikea, £30

Brompton Table Lamp

For an understated yet sophisticated home lighting ideas, look to unexpected materials.

This smart table lamp from Next features a sizable glass base with brass finish details and a warm neutral lampshade. Natural and contemporary, but far from ordinary.

Next, £38

Sian Elin Rosette Lampshade

Hand drawn by artist Sian Elin, this Eastern and Scandinavian mid-century inspired lampshade features an eye-catching pattern.

This geometric Rosette drum lampshade is perfectly suited for Scandi style living.

Sian Elin (small £34, large £82)

Home lighting ideas: floor lights

House by John Lewis Brandon Floor Lamp, Black

Sleek and straightforward, introduce this floor lamp to your favourite reading area.

John Lewis & Partners, £25

Home lighting ideas: ceiling lights

Dark Rattan Pendant Light Shade

Bring in boho vibes with this rattan lightshade. Match it with an abundance of houseplants to complete the look.

UO, £62

Harmony Small Ribbon Ceiling Light

When it comes to harsh lighting, ceiling lights are the worst offenders.

But fear not, this ribboned John Lewis lamp is a lavish piece on its own. Wrapped in bronze ribboned linen chintz covered plastic, the effect is that of a glowing orb.

John Lewis & Partners, £84

Novelty lights

Green Faux Leaf Lights

Trust Primark to provide a bit of decór for just a fiver.

These faux green leaf lights add a botanical touch strung across a bed frame or festooned on a mirror.

Primark, £5

Pineapple String Lights

Pineapples are a historical status symbol and, now, a popular piece of millennial decor.

Take it up a notch with these glimmering copper pineapple string lights for a playfully tropical bit of light.

Trouva, £24.00

Gold flamingo table light

English fashion and interior designer Mathew Williamson and Debenhams teamed up for a range of homewares big on bold designs but not too dear in price. This gold flamingo table light is eccentric, yes, but for pure maximalism? We love it.

Debenhams, £85

Home lighting ideas: kids lights

Small Neon Rainbow Light

This little neon light is a hit for the littles. Kids will get a kick out of this fluorescent and fun rainbow light in nurseries and playrooms.

Trouva, £26.00

Desert Fleur Lampshade from Sian Elin

Another creation from artist Sian Elin, but perfectly envisioned for a child’s bedroom.

Hand drawn flora and geometrics, this lampshade is part of Elin’s American Folk collection combining South American folk art with 1930s Scandinavian modern design. It features a lush, botanical pattern with a nod to the Arts and Crafts movement.

Clippings, £42

Mini LED Origami Dinosaur Night Light,

Have a dinosaur lover on your hands? These origami dinosaur night lights will scare any and all monsters away.

Not On The High Street, £14

DIY Lights

Gin bottle light


A DIY bottle light is just a pack of battery-powered fairy lights away.

Just tuck a mini string of lights inside your bottle of choice. If you’re equipped with a power drill, then drill a small hole to hide the battery pack for easy access.

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