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14 Hot Home Trends That’ll Be Everywhere in 2019

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If you’re looking to be in the know and discover exactly what home trends will be hot in 2019, then you’re in the right place.

According to both what’s been hot in 2018 and wider trends in the market, both Pinterest and Etsy have revealed exactly what’ll be coming to your home in 2019.

From rustic nurseries to southwestern style, these ideas will be taking over your home.


MILLENNIAL pink is on its way out

Fed up with even the tiniest mention of millennial pink? Good news is it seems change is a’coming. Pantone recently announced Living Coral as its Colour of the Year, while Etsy has predicted burnt orange will replace the baby pink hue. Finally!

Geometric shapes are most definitely in

As also seen in Pantone’s Colour of the Year, you can compliment your dusky walls with some geometric shapes. No need to relegate them simply to small accessories, however, Pinterest has seen a 225% rise in geometric paint for walls and it even extends to your floors.


If geometric shapes aren’t bold enough for you, print wallpaper, such as these tropical decor ideas will update your living space, or hang fabric on your walls for a textured, artsy aesthetic look.

Meanwhile, Etsy has also focused on big and bold patterns they’re calling ‘maximalism’.

Clashing patterns, styles, and colors are all permissible, as there’s no limit to this eclectic trend.

Have it loud and be proud!


Make a statement with colour

If print isn’t your thing, Pinterest says embrace bold mustard yellow walls, or go for small accents with a colourful pop.



Also according to Pinterest, DIY projects now make up 83% of home searches while remodels, landscaping and other monumental undertakings are 60%.

There’s been a better time to try out a new craft idea in the home, then.


For those who love a bit of a quirk in their home, you can’t get much more of a talking point than doughnut decor but Pinterest have seen a rise in searches.

sloth home decor

Sloths are the new unicorns

Goodbye unicorns, Etsy is predicting the rise of the sloth as our top choice for adding a bit of personality around the home. Why be magical when you can be… lazy?

But LLAMAS are still hot stuff

Good news for llama fans, however. Everybody’s favourite oddball animal has actually seen a 239% increase in 2018 over on Etsy.



Possibly to match those dusky walls and llamas, Etsy have predicted shoppers will turn their focus to realistic, earth-inspired styles for a new, grounded outlook.

Fantastical motifs will become a thing of the past, replaced by earth tones, rough textures, and natural fabrics.

The first glimpse of southwestern styles has apparently started with cacti… More on that a bit later.


Plastic reduction was a hot topic in 2018 and looking after the earth will continue to be of interest in the home, according to Etsy,

Expect all-natural products, sustainability, and being realistic when it comes to decorating and living.


Rustic nursery


A rustic woodland theme hasn’t just been making waves in our living rooms, Pinterest has reported parents are adding just a touch of rough and worn to warm and soft nurseries





The humble cactus is for the win next year, with cactus arrangements up a whopping 235% over on Pinterest, meanwhile Etsy predicts the rise of the southwestern theme to match.

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are also on the rise with people looking for some floor-to-ceiling green in their lives.


herbariums are the new terrariums

According to Etsy, terrariums are making way for their brighter, self-sufficient cousin: the herbarium. The marketplace has seen over 281K searches related to “pressed flowers”.

These Japanese-inspired collections of flowers are the perfect solution to bringing the outdoors in, plus: herbariums don’t require the constant upkeep that terrariums do. Added bonus!


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