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People Have Been Upcycling Homemade Gin Fountains in Their Gardens

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Think of garden accessories and you may be inclined to think of the humble gnome, the bird feeder or hanging baskets.

What you probably don’t expect to see in your neighbour’s garden is a homemade gin fountain complete with real bottles of gin.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “gin on tap,” the crafty DIY has gone viral thanks to a video post by Facebook group The Viral Group.

The garden fountain features bottles of BLOOM Gin attached to an ornamental garden accessory in adjacent positions that allows the liquid to freely flow into the glass below.

Greenery and floral foliage completes the look.

Amazing Home Made Gin Fountain

How amazing is this home made Gin fountain?! 😮🍸

Posted by The Viral Group on Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The Facebook post follows a similar video which shows a different style that can be achieved in the home using a gin bottle and tonic can.

Homemade Gin And Tonic Fountain

I need this Gin & Tonic fountain in my life immediately 😍🍸

Posted by The Viral Group on Saturday, 16 May 2020


If you love the idea and fancy copying the DIY for yourself, the good news is you can grasp the basics by following this handy video guide from Youtuber Nature.

The idea may trick you into believing the liquid is gin, but it is in fact water that is pumped using an aquarium filter.

A ‘gin’ concept works particularly well in the illusion but you can also achieve the look by using a plastic bottle and glass, which could make for an interesting update on the trend for any wine lovers in your household.

From: The Gin Kin.