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Celebrate Nordic Minimalism with These Stunning Cabin Kit Homes

honka kit log homes

With Nordic and Sandi living the envy of everyone around the world today, we will do everything possible to inject a bit of that lifestyle into our homes, but what if you could actually own an entire house dedicated to that way of living?

Embracing Hygge or other Scandinavian lifestyle trend is still increasingly popular for a more organic, healthy and ecological way of living.

Therefore, inspired by the Nordic way of living, Honka are offering prefabricated and custom-built log home kits for those looking for the complete Nordic life.

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honka kit log homes


Founded in 1956, in Finland, Honka – full name Honkarakenne – is the worlds first large-scale manufacturer of log designed kit homes.

Today, the brand has built 85,000 homes around the world including stunning premium holiday resorts and hotels in China, Japan, Russia, America and Europe.

The homes are crafted using sustainably managed PEFC-certified Finnish wood, which is a uniquely hard and durable variety of wood that grows in the country.

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honka kit log homes


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Honka log homes are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions from changing temperatures, wind, snow and heat, and do not take years to plan and build. Each model comes ready to construct, with all the essential items and tools included.

Honka homes are available across Europe, Asia and North America and offer a stunning array of kit home models, ranging in size and configuration.

The home designers also carry a fusion model, which can be added to an already existing home as an extension or home addition.

For complete details on Honka homes and the various models they offer visit Honka online.

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