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How to Create a Home Office in a Small House

home office

There are many advantages to having a home office space. Being able to work flexibly and avoid the daily commute can allow you to work with a relaxed and focused state of mind.

If you would love to have a home office space but think your little house or flat is too tiny we are here to tell you it’s not. With a little creativity our small home office ideas you can carve a little working niche in your home.

Corner space is a natural place for a home office

small home office ideas

If you can create a bit of corner space then you’re in luck. It naturally creates the effect of an alcove and gives the impression of a secluded work space.

Any formal living room should be able to accommodate a corner work zone.

Squeeze in a table, chair, lamp and speakers and you have a spot to retreat to for working on an assignment, composing emails, or working on that project.

Expand your desk vertically, city-style

A bare wall can be a valuable asset when you are short on work space. If you live a small city apartment consider building like a city planner would – build up instead of extending wide.

Notice boards and calendars can adorn the bare wall whilst tall and slim bookcases can grow like city trees either side of the desk.

Simple, easy-to-install floating shelves can add storage and filing options to your inner city office area.

Narrow your focus with a small, square desk

You needn’t be worried about have a wide desk in the style of some office executive. A simple small, square desk will suffice.

#Drawers under a desk aren’t necessary if you have a nearby bookcase or shelving unit to store files and papers. Who really has paperwork nowadays anyway with everything being accessible online and stored in the cloud?

A narrow desk has less clutter and less distractions, narrowing your focus to the task right in front of you.

Lack of a desktop is not a barrier to having a full computer setup

If you only own a laptop and are concerned about not having a large-screen desktop, don’t worry. A big screen can be nice but a laptop can easily be mounted on some books or a small stand to bring it up to head height.

They may not have the same memory capacity as desktops but they can still have a decent amount. If it’s not enough, an external hard drive can act as extra storage.

Small speakers can be positioned close by. A bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse can complete the full office computer setup.

Dressing tables can be converted to act as a ready-made office space

If you have a wide, but not very deep space in which to create your home office, then a dressing table acting as a desk could maximise your office space.

You may already have one and find that for the amount of use it gets it’s better convert it to a more practical purpose.

Dressing tables are often created wider than normal desks, allowing for extra storage in a room that has extra width but less depth.

Natural light will make you want to keep coming back to your home office

If you can find a little space that also has the view from a window, so much the better. Set a desk and chair in front of a window to help get the creative juices flowing.

The natural light should act as a motivator, energising you and enticing you to come back to a pleasant space and to keep working.

A dark space with only electric light may have a drowsy or de-motivating effect so always try to find a space that -whilst not necessarily directly in front of a window – at least has a good view of the outside world.

If you are really stuck for wall or corner space how about a ‘floating’ office space? A desk space adjoining another large piece of furniture is almost hidden in the room.

You won’t be able to utilise wall space or have storage either side so make sure it’s desk with plenty of drawers and storage options underneath.

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