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How to Style a Christmas Tree, According to Five Interior Experts

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Christmas tree decorating is one of the most magical parts of the festive season. Everyone wants their Christmas tree to look beautiful, luxurious and encompass their style of Christmas.

From gorgeous ornaments to sparkling tree lights to the showstopping tree topper,  five different interior experts provide their top tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree professionally.

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Choose the Style of Your Christmas Tree

How to style a Christmas tree according to interior experts


Whether you want to go for a traditional, authentic real tree or an artificial tree that will last for Christmases to come, choosing the right style is essential for creating the right Christmas tree foundation for you.

Eva Leone, Studio Director at luxury interiors design company Lawson Robb, says opt for an alternative Christmas tree.

“For us, creating an alternative Christmas tree to the traditional pine needle tree is something that excites us.

Having a hand painted Christmas tree created as a piece of art for your home is a personal and luxurious take on a traditional tree.

Using balanced colours, a range of art mediums and additional textures will produce a unique and modern piece of art.

Additionally, using willow branches or bleached branches creates a unique looking tree with ornaments hung on it in an unusual and interesting way.”

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Begin with the lights


Nobody wants a dull, unlit Christmas tree. Once you have decided on the types of lights you are opting for, it is important to consider how you are going to hang them on your tree.

Do you want your Christmas tree lights to go from bottom to top, or top to bottom? Vertically or horizontally?

Georgina Horspool, Lighting Designer at Alexander Joseph, suggests layering coloured lights first.

“When choosing lighting for your tree the golden rule is to ensure the colour of your lights don’t clash with your decorations and baubles.

Begin with coloured lights to provide the main colour to your tree, then use decorations to provide contrasting bursts of colour.

If you have a larger tree, consider using ‘globe’ shaped bulbs rather than the smaller LED stings, they create a better sense of scale and will be more cost effective

This year soft white light is in vogue.”

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Choose Your Core Ornaments and Begin Layering Them

decorate a christmas tree professionally


There is no doubt that a decorated tree makes for a jolly Christmas. Most of the decoration on a Christmas tree is its baubles, and it is your chance to showcase your creativity and add personal touches to your tree.

Decorate with different sizes, shapes and styles of bauble to create the ultimate festive ornamentation.

Jennifer Jarvis, Senior Designer at Helen Green Design suggests going for a timeless approach to your decorations.

“At Helen Green Design our favourite baubles are those that are timeless and will last for years to come.

Our particular favourites are a range of different sized glass or hand painted baubles with simple white lights.

When in doubt go for gold – gold ornaments and baubles will add that sparkle and elegance to any room for a festive décor.”

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Choose the Right Tree Topper

decorate a christmas tree professionally


Whilst the most common tree toppers are stars, angels or fairies, tree toppers can really take any form.

Choose a tree topper that works with your tree’s colour scheme, design and height. It could be geometric, beaded, lit up or something completely unique and unheard of!

Interiors expert Vanessa Arbuthnott says go Scandinavian in your style!

“There are only two options in my view for the top part of a Christmas tree. That is an angel or a star.

The tree does not look complete without a focal point perched high on the top vertical branch of the Christmas tree.

I am a home spun type who wouldn’t buy anything plastic or sequined or tinseled – just plain Scandinavian style using simple wooden or home-made paper decorations.”

Start Adding Presents Underneath

decorate a christmas tree professionally

No Christmas tree is complete without some present’s underneath.

As well as building anticipation and adding some festive magic of Santa Claus to your big day, presents can be pivotal for the overall look and style of your tree.

Beautifully wrap some presents for the final touch of decorating your Christmas tree!

Stephen O’Callaghan, In-house Designer at Easy Bathrooms, says yes to the addition of ‘fake’ presents.

“By beginning to add ‘fake’ presents under your tree, you’re finishing off the overall look of the Christmas tree.

Not only do they hide what is often an unsightly stand, you can also use warm tones to match your interior, which provides a polished and well-executed look.

Plus, if you have children, it adds to the magical feeling of Christmas and the excitement can begin! A Christmas tree simply isn’t finished until it has some gifts under there.”

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