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How to Transform Your Home in Time for Christmas

christmas decor

The season of feasts and festivities is officially upon us.

With family and friends visiting, be it just popping in unexpectedly for a mince pie or staying over the Christmas weekend, you want your home to be welcoming and festive.

Even if you are not expecting guests, a touch of Christmas glitz and glamour is always good at brightening up your home at this dark time of year. Read on for our top tips on how to decorate your home for Christmas 2018.

Combine LED lighting with candles for a stunning sparkly effecthow to decorate your home for Christmas 2018

With a theme of alpine chalet-style or silver sparkle, candles and lighting are always key at Christmas. And this year LED decorations are everywhere. Garlands with subtle lights, twig trees with LED tips and glass trees with lights within, all add a glow to your home.

Particularly striking this year are glass baubles and ornaments with mini LEDs inside. Some also enclose ornamental snow, twigs and berries. Hang them at varying lengths in groups or as singles from bannisters, fireplaces or in windows for a glittering effect.

Check out Lights 4 Fun’s gorgeous range of illuminated Christmas decorations to see exactly what we are talking about.

Keep colours simple and combine textures

Using varying heights and getting your proportions right is always key in a decorative display. Combine textures and avoid using too many colours. Stick to one colour along with white, silver, copper or gold for a sophisticated look.

Feathers are also popular this year. They can be made into Christmas trees with a touch of gilt, in garlands, baubles or in their animal form as owls, robins or peacocks. Fill your vases or drape over the fireplace for a soft touch decoration.

Have a look at these feather memorial baubles from Etsy as a way of remembering a loved one this Christmas.

You don’t need to just use Christmas decorations though to gain that Christmas spirit. Using all-year-round home accessories is a clever way of keeping an eye on your budget. Fur throws, lanterns and vases are ideal props.

Infuse your home with nature this Christmas

Fill vases, lanterns or large serving dishes with baubles or pine cones, add an LED decoration or glitter for a touch of sparkle. Or place a large group of random sized candles on a serving tray surrounded with nuts, feathers and cones.

Essential to creating the right mood, of course, is getting that Christmas scent permeating through your home. You should be looking for candles with evocative, natural scents such as festive spices, pine, birch, cinnamon and red berries and all things Christmassy. Our guide to the best-smelling Christmas candles will steer your nostrils in the right direction!

Above all, enjoy the process as much as the finished effect. If you start early enough you won’t feel rushed or stressed and the transformation of your home can be as pleasing as the final outcome.

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