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Hue Minimal Designs a Collection of Simple Yet Functional Everyday Homeware For Every Home

hue minimal home collection
© Hue Minimal

Hue Minimal’s newly launched homeware collection aims to make homes more surprising, interesting, and exciting places to live in.

The homeware specialists, who focus on creating innovative items that combine art and practicality, have released a new collection that’ll light up every home with delightfully interesting pieces that fuse art with function.

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hue minimal home collection

Hue Minimal

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In an effort to help break up the normal and everyday feel of homes, furniture, and decoration, Hue Minimal’s range aims to create a talking point and add new character to homes.

Using traditional and non-traditional manufacturing methods, Hue Minimal designs products that offer function, elegance, and a bit of fun.

The collection is home to everything from clothes hooks that resemble pink cones or miniature lampshades, a table tray designed to look like a tree leaf, a hanging circular mirror, a side table, plant pots, terracotta bowls, shelving units shaped like the top a seat, and a host of other artistic homeware items.

To view the entire Hue Minimal home collection visit Hue Minimal online.

For more information on the Hue Minimal home collection visit Hue Minimal online

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