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IKEA’s 2020 Catalogue Reveals They’re Embarking On a Sleep Revolution

It may still be 2019 but IKEA are already thinking ahead and have revealed their 2020 catalogue, which centers on getting the perfect night’s sleep.

The flatpack furniture kings are embarking on mission in 2020 to help everyone achieve a luxurious sleep, make us all feel better in the mornings, and put us in a position to manage what life throws our way each day.

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ikea 202 catalog


IKEA want to adjust the level of light entering your home, perfect your sleeping situation, moderate the temperature at night, reduce noise levels, and improve the air quality in your bedroom area.

Understanding that life at home can vary around the world, and person to person, IKEA designers have created homes featured in the catalogue that reflect as many different home environments as possible.


With the help of curtains, blinds, mattresses, quilts and pillows, rugs and plants, and of course lots of furniture, the new IKEA catalogue showcases a range of simple and easy ways you can transform your home from a stressful, tight, and uncomfortable space into a relaxation temple – where the perfect sleep is always achieved.

IKEA have created six different homes in their 2020 catalogue, all showcasing how their furniture, accessories and interior decoration can make sure you are enjoy a luxurious sleep at night and you’re ready to embrace a new day with a fresh and open mindset.

To view the complete IKEA 2020 Catalogue visit IKEA online.

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