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IKEA Team Up with Sonos to Deliver a Sound Altering Home Decor Collection

ikea sonos

Always attempting to reinvent homeware, IKEA are about to change the way we listen and enjoy sound with a new speaker range that brings a new meaning to multipurpose home decor.

What if instead of an alarm clock your bedroom lamp played music and switched a light on to get you out of bed in the mornings? Or your living room bookshelf set the mood at a dinner party? These will soon be a reality thanks to this fab new collection.

The Swedish furniture giant have teamed up with sound experts, Sonos, to deliver a pair of speakers – a table lamp and bookshelf – that aim to change the way we enjoy sound and how speakers fit in the home.

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ikea sonos

IKEA and Sonos

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Unveiled at Milan Fashion Week, IKEA and Sonos are attempting to combine function and luxury with this new range, which will be called SYMFONISK.

The collection features two pieces that should fit seamlessly into any home setting.

A table lamp, which takes inspiration from fireplaces, aims to create a home accessory that mixes sound and light to create the perfect mood depending on the type of music playing.

The second piece is a bookshelf that can be fixed either horizontally or vertically to walls all over the home with a bracket, and can hold up to 3kg of weight once fully attached.

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IKEA and Sonos hope to have created a pair of devices that offer not just impressive sound quality but are great looking pieces of furniture that blend into the home in new and inventive ways.

Both of the new SYMFONISK products are compatible with current Sonos devices and pieces, and can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth from the brand’s application along with IKEA’s own smart home application.

The release date has yet to be confirmed but the prices have been revealed. The bookshelf speaker will be priced at £99 with the table lamp costing £179.

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