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IKEA Are Making Homeware Shopping Even Easier with an Impressive New Application

ikea application

As IKEA begin to shift their business model away from large, out-of-town, shops to a more local shopping experience, the furniture giants are about to make homeware shopping even easier.

The Swedish furniture giant has announced they are close to launching their very own application that will finally allow shoppers to buy furniture with just a couple of clicks.

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ikea application


IKEA do have applications currently available to use, but none of them allow shoppers to actually buy furniture on them, rather offering helpful guides and tools.

There is an in-store app which helps you collect barcodes on products you wish to buy, instead of using the pencil and paper option.

They also have a catalog application, but again furniture shoppers cannot purchase anything on it, you still need to visit the official website to do that.

There even is an augmented reality app called IKEA Place that allows you to preview furniture you might want to buy in your own home, but it too is disconnected from the catalog and any shopping options.

Now, the new IKEA application will roll all three of these previous versions into one.

The new easy to use app will include everything, and yes, even being able to actually buy the furniture your home really needs.

Additionally, the new app will feature a feed which enables users to find, chose, and buy quickly from pictures of room designs.

For more information on the new IKEA application visit IKEA online.

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