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This Simple IKEA Hack Will Give Your Home a Book Nook on a Budget

After years of neglecting the idea of furniture hacks, IKEA are embracing the creative movement and revealed a simple hack to help create a cosy book nook in your home.

The furniture retailer has placed “hacking” in its own design strategy for this year, celebrating customers creativity, and they recently shared an inventive way to build a reading nook in your home, using

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IKEA’s furniture has always been created to fit into almost any home with its minimalist style. That means the products are also very easy to customise and alter.

IKEA hacking has become a large sub-culture for interior design, with a number of impressive customisation jobs already being perfected.

The latest example of inventive IKEA hacking is the “book nook on a budget”.

The book nook has been created using two white Malm chest of drawers and a Rattan Ottoman. The pair of drawers act as pillars with the ottoman sitting in between them to create the quiet nook space.

To make the space extra cosy, IKEA textiles including the Torslev, have been added for padding and extra comfort.

The Malm drawers are priced at £60 each, £25 for the ottoman, and the Torslev rug is priced at £10.

So, for under £100 you will be able to create your very own reading nook using just IKEA furniture and textiles.

For more information on IKEA hacking visit IKEA online.

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