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IKEA Reveal a New Environmentally Friendly Way to Tidy Homes

ikea borstad collection

If 2020 has brought an insatiable desire to give your home a deep cleanse, IKEA’s latest collection provides all the necessary tools to give homes the ultimate new year facelift.

The BORSTAD, which translates to brushed in Swedish, range from the flatpack furniture kings includes a collection of cleaning tools with an environmentally friendly twist, perfect for homes looking to tackle 2020 in a sustainable way.

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ikea borstad collection


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The unique cleaning range aims to transport homes to a simpler time, when traditional cleaning methods were used to give homes a deep cleanse.

In 2020, IKEA want to encourage people to focus on adding environmentally friendly products into their homes to help foster greener living techniques.

Each piece in the collection has been designed to look like throwback cleaning items, before the age of washing machines and other electronic and technological devices.

From buckets to baskets to brushes and towels, the new rustic range features it all, and they’ve all been made using sustainably sourced materials such as hardwood, cedar, rattan, metal and canvas.

To view the entire IKEA BORSTAD collection visit IKEA online.

Prices for the limited edition collection start at as little as £3 for a simple pump and spray bottle to £24 for a large handwoven rattan basket. The collection will be available to purchase and order from February 2020.

For more information on the IKEA BORSTAD collection visit IKEA online.

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