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IKEA Announce a Multi-Million Pound Plan to Become Completely Carbon Neutral

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In a move that’ll delight environmentalists, and those looking for big business to do more to stem global warming, IKEA are stepping up their effects to become carbon neutral with a large investment in green energy.

The Swedish furniture kings have revealed they are allocating a whopping £171 million to the research and development of green energy and forest planting, as part of a wider plan to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

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ikea carbon neutral pledge


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The new investment is being made by Inter IKEA Group, the parent holder of the larger IKEA network.

The fresh injection of cash will be released in two sustainable phases. The first will be a £85m investment directed towards renewable energy projects, including heating, cooling and electricity generation.

The second phase will be aimed at removing and storing harmful carbon emissions through reforestation and embracing better responsible forest management.

The latest investment is part of the wider IKEA carbon neutral pledge of £3 billion on global research and development into sustainable practices. The aim is to not only safeguard IKEA’s future, but also make sure they’re no longer contributing large-scale harmful waste to the environment.

For more information on the IKEA Carbon Neutral pledge visit IKEA online.

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