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IKEA Are Making Their Products More Accessible For those With Disabilities

ikea thisables project

IKEA have announced they are teaming up with a pair of nonprofits in an effort to make their products easier to use for people with disabilities.

The furniture giants have partnered with Milbat and Israel-based, Access Israel, to redesign and upgrade 13 pieces to make them more accessible to people with a range of disabilities.

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The new initiative is called “ThisAbles” and aims to bridge gaps between existing IKEA products and the special needs of individuals.

The new project features potentially revolutionary furniture add-on’s including; the Easy Handle – a large rubber grip, to help those opening and closing drawers, cabinets, doors, shower curtains and windows.

ikea thisables project


The Mega Switch, helping to turn on and off lamps and lights without using fingers. The Couch Lift, which will raise the height of a seat for wheelchair users, and a Friendly Zipper, attached to cushions and duvets to allow for easy grabbing.

The Glass Bumper, which protects corners of furniture from bumps by a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

ikea thisables project


There’s also the Insider, which is a mirror inserted to shelving units to show those looking up what is stored on the shelves. The Cane By Me, which is attached to beds and can hold items such as a walking stick.

Each of the furniture additions are available for free as schematics, and can be downloaded and made using a 3D printer. All can be viewed at IKEA online.

All of the IKEA ThisAbles project ideas are available to be viewed at IKEA online.

For more information on the IKEA ThisAbles project visit IKEA online

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