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IKEA Is Showing How You Can Create Furniture Forts at Home for Free

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With quarantine causing household chaos across the world, IKEA is on hand with some lighthearted free furniture fort designs.

Fresh from sharing free colouring pages and colourful Zoom backgrounds, the global brand is back once again with some genius guidance for those in lockdown.

Created by Russian agency Instinct, there’s six furniture fort designs available in total intended to bring some entertainment to the home.

These include Wigwåm, Cåve, Förtress and Höuse and each uses items found around the home such as dining tables, sofa cushions and lamps.

The designs are created to look like a typical IKEA furniture instruction manual, with what you need and in what volume included in the bottom panel.

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Instead of your typical nuts and bolts, this campaign uses everything from teddy bears to blankets, pegs to sofas to create perfect quarantine hideaways.

If you’d prefer to indulge in a spot of shopping over at IKEA online, however, the retailer has handily also suggested exact products that could be used to assemble the forts.

To create the Cåstle, for instance, you can use four Stefan chairs and a Krokig clothes stand wrapped in Blötsnö lights to support Nattjasmin sheets fixed with clothes pegs.


A simpler design is Cåve, which involves creating an easy hideaway constructed with Valbjörg pillows, Nattjasmin sheets and books as heavyweights.  Then simply drape your Blötsnö fairy lights around the sofa.


The designs were originally intended for children to bring back childhood escapes indoors, but pets and adults can most definitely join in the fun!

If you fancy having a go at home, the retailer is encouraging users to share their creations on social media by using the hashtag #StayHome.