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IKEA Are Launching a Redesigned Furniture Range to Prevent Child Injuries

ikea glesvar range

Creating a safe environment at home is essential for a stress free and happy life, and this new range of homeware aims to provide a greater sense of safety in the home.

IKEA have revealed their latest collection, Glesvar, which will include items with stability features built in to make sure furniture tip-overs and other potential nightmare hazards to young children are a thing of the past them.

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ikea glesvar range


Following the revelation the Swedish furniture giant recalled 29 million dresser drawers in 2016 and 2017 for potentially dangerous features, the home decor retailer set about developing new products with stability and home safety at its core.

The Glesvar collection is a range of dressers and chest of drawer sets featuring safety elements to prevent tip overs.

The new home decor items were created following feedback from parents worried about their furniture inadvertently falling over, or being tipped, onto small children.

The items will have stability features such as interlocking legs, forced wall attachments, and a new feature that prevents any drawers from opening until the unit is safely attached to a wall.

The IKEA Glesvar range will be available to buy in-store and online in the UK from December for a limited time.

For more information on the IKEA Glesvar range visit IKEA online.

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