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IKEA’s New Curtains Aim To Purify Your Home

With air pollution among one of the biggest risks to the health of the planet, IKEA have revealed a potentially revolutionary new curtain which could help destroy all indoor air pollutants.

Air is a precondition for life and with the continued development in air cleaning textiles, IKEA wants to help the estimated 90 percent of the world’s population who breathe in polluted air on a daily basis with a new curtain – the Gunrid.

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Ikea gunrid curtain


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The Swedish furniture giant have been throwing their vast home decoration weight behind more renewable and environmentally friendly products as the world changes from a disposable to a more sustainable way of thinking.

The new curtain from the home decor juggernaut does not use a single piece of technology or complex filtering system, rather, it uses a similar process to that of a typical houseplant to keep your home pollution free.

Ikea gunrid curtain


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk today. The WHO estimate one in eight people die globally due to heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and cancer.

So, together with a team of engineers, designers and specialists, IKEA have developed an affordable solution to create clean indoor air using the Gunrid curtain.

How does it work?

The technology behind the Gunrid is unique and innovative.

The curtain consists of a mineral-based, photocatalyst coating which has been applied to the textile.

When activated by light – both indoor and outdoor light – the Gunrid breaks down all of the everyday indoor air pollutants such as odours and formaldehyde.

The Gunrid air purifying curtain is set to be available to buy in IKEA stores in 2020 and is the first in what is expected to be a long line of products that aims at tackling indoor air pollution.

The curtain is priced at £25 and is available to buy in-store or at IKEA online now.

For more information on the Gunrid or other sustainable and enviromentally friendly products visit IKEA online.

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