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IKEA’s New Collection Celebrates Togetherness and Sustainable Living

ikea hantverk collection

As the world shifts to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable way of thinking, IKEA have unveiled a new homeware range focused on giving back and helping promote green living.

The flat-pack furniture kings have revealed their latest collection; the HANTVERK, which includes products made using 100% sustainable materials and is focused on providing opportunities for skilled artisans around the world.

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ikea hantverk collection


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The limited edition collection is a fab collaboration between IKEA and five social enterprises spread across three continents.

The unique collaboration aims to promote skilled artisans and foundations to help create opportunities in regions where people are in need of them the most.

One of the partnerships in the collection is the Jordan River Foundation, which helps to generate jobs and opportunities for Jordanian and Syrian refugee women.

HANTVERK includes items made using natural sustainable materials such as banana fibre, handmade paper, ceramic and cotton from India, Thailand, Jordan and Romania.

The environmentally friendly and socially conscious new range is priced between £6.50 for a placemat to £25 for a handmade throw. All HANTVERK  items are available at IKEA online.

The IKEA HANTVERK collection is a limited edition range and currently available in-store and online at IKEA while stocks last.

For more information on the IKEA HANTVERK  collection, or other IKEA items, visit IKEA online.

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