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IKEA Has Unveiled a Stylish and Sustainable “Home of Tomorrow”


IKEA’s latest project “Home of Tomorrow” has predicted exactly what the future of homes will look like and turns out it’s actually a stylish self-sufficient plant heaven.

According to research conducted by the home retailer, it is predicted that by 2050, 70% of the world population will live in cities leading to a pressing need to rethink the way we live.

The concept has been explored in full with a new space built in Poland that aims to educate people on how to cohabit with nature in their living space.


It focuses on a few key areas, including the role of houseplants, efficient ways to process waste and even how to approach everyday activities such as cooking with zero waste in mind.

Of course, in true IKEA style, it also looks pretty stylish too.

Greenery fills every space, including hanging plants from the ceiling and draped across furniture and shelving.

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The project centres around the idea of a home farm, where vegetables, fruits, herbs, and even some species of fungi can be grown.

Visitors can learn how to make meals with the home-grown food, then process the waste from the food prep into bio material that can used in other parts of the home.

Other features in the project include a comfortable rest zone made from 100 TRÅDFRI light bulbs that imitates sunlight indoors and a stylish kitchen space entirely designed towards helping the environment.

To view the project in full or to find out how to visit, head over to the “Home of Tomorrow” website.