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IKEA Reveal They’re Planning To Build Hundreds Of Affordable Homes In The UK

ikea house building

As house prices continue to rise, affordable housing is increasingly hard to find, IKEA could be about to change that with a new project aiming to build new, sustainable homes at realistic prices.

The furniture giant was recently given the green light to build 162 new sustainable flats in the UK in an effort to provide homes for buyers who are currently being priced out of the property market by unaffordably priced houses.

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ikea house building


The new project is being led by BoKlok and construction company SKANSKA, both of whom are owned by the Swedish Retailer.

The homes are prefabricated, typically being built using timber, low-carbon materials, with all excess materials being recycled for other sustainable projects.

All homes are either one or two bedrooms and come with a built-in kitchen, plus flooring and tiles.

One of the key affordable factors for the new homes is the “Left to Live” model and the project adopts.

This means that BoKlok sets the house prices at a level designed to leave families with money left to live on, and promises that a single parent would be able to afford to buy a two-bedroom house.

To calculate the house price figure, BoKlok takes into account the average annual salary of someone in full-time employment then calculates a 25-year mortgage that would be manageable after all monthly living costs have been deducted.

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Buyers, who are chosen using a ballot system, are restricted to one home each to prevent those with more financial resources from buying up all the homes as investments.

The first apartments are scheduled to be available to buy and live in from early 2021.

If the IKEA  house building project is a success, BoKlok and SKANSKA have an agreement to expand with a further 500 homes being built in the area.

To find out more information about the IKEA house building project, or other Boklok and SKANSKA initiatives, visit IKEA online.

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