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This IKEA Hack Will Help You Fill Your Home With a Worldly Glow

ikea lack hack

IKEA furniture always maintains a simple and minimalist look, which makes them perfect canvases for creativity and we’ve found a new hack that’ll infuse your home with beauty from around the world.

IKEA hackers have revealed an interesting living room table idea which transforms a simple IKEA LACK coffee table into a back-lit table that looks out of this world.

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ikea lack hack

IKEA Hackers

For under £100, the simple LACK coffee table was transformed into a three dimensional atlas, which not only lights up the world, but your home as well.

A standard IKEA LACK table is flipped on its back and hollowed out to leave the table still with its topside base.

After cutting out an outline of a world map in MDF material, the design is traced onto the table using a pencil, and small, LED light sized holes are made.

The map is painted, then fixed to the front side of the LACK table using hand-cut 2cm lengths of dowel, which offers the impression of the map being three dimensional, almost popping out of the table.

Six small stand-offs, small screws to help secure the glass to the table, are positioned in the corners and middle. The LED fairy lights are then inserted into all of the holes and the glass is fixed in its position to complete the transformation.

The IKEA LACK is priced at £29 and comes in four different shades, black – brown, oak effect, white, and white stained oak. It is available in-store or at IKEA online. Indoor fairy lights can be purchased from Amazon for £8.99, while the world map outline was printed from online.

To view more fab IKEA hack ideas visit IKEA Hackers online.

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