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IKEA Have Launched a New Inspirational Lifestyle Collection Focused on Sustainability

ikea lagon collection

As the country becomes increasingly focused on healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles, IKEA have revealed a new collection aiming to help everyone embrace that greener way of living.

As part of their ambitions goal of inspiring the nation to live a more sustainable life at home, IKEA have launched the Live Lagom Community – a range packed with ideas, inspirations, tips and guides suitable for every home.

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ikea lagon collection


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The Swedish furniture giant aims to offer helpful small changes that’ll have a big impact in peoples lives.

The term Lagom is a Swedish phrase meaning “the right amount is best” and the flatpack kings want to help people use just the right amount of what they need – whether that’s food, energy, or water, and leave the rest for the planet.

The environmentally conscious collection is presented in the form of fantastic new products that offer simple ideas and guides on how to create green-scapes using items typically already found in the home.


Whether it’s upcycling an old plastic bottle into a plant pot, transforming old IKEA shopping bags and tea towels into waterproof picnic blankets, or repurposing old cupcake holders and baking trays into dishes for planting seeds.

The best part of the new IKEA Lagom collection is that it’s completely free, with the guides, cheat sheets and ideas all available at IKEA online.

For more information on the IKEA Lagom collection, or other IKEA ranges, visit IKEA online.

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