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IKEA Reveal Their Latest Homeware Range Will Be Made Entirely From Recycled Ocean Plastic

ikea musselblomma collection

Plastic waste is a global catastrophe, affecting every corner of the planet, no more so than in the oceans were continent sized clumps of plastic currently float around the world harming ocean life.

IKEA, in partnership with Italian and Spanish fishing companies, are collaborating to turn harmful plastics collected from the Mediterranean sea into a colourful new homeware range called MUSSELBLOMMA.

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ikea musselblomma collection


Ocean plastic waste is an enormous environmental issue, causing untold damage to one of the planets most important ecosystems.

The new collection from the Swedish retailers will include a carry bag, two cushion covers and a tablecloth, all of which contain inspiration from the ocean and are being designed by Spanish designer Inma Bermudez.

To create each item, IKEA are using polyester fabric made from 100% recycled plastic waste, including PET plastic, caught by Spanish and Italian fishermen nets.

ikea musselblomma collection


Once the plastic waste has been collected, IKEA clean, sort, and recycle the plastic into yarn and fabric, which is used to create the new homeware items.

IKEA estimate for every kilo of plastic waste pulled from the Mediterranean sea, there is another nine kilo’s of other harmful waste including metal, rubber, glass, and wood, still floating in the ocean.

The new IKEA MUSSELBLOMMA collection will be available in selected stores in October.

For more information on the IKEA MUSSELBLOMMA collection visit IKEA online.

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