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IKEA’s Latest Helpful Accessory Will Transform Your Noisy Home into a Tranquil Oasis


Whether you live in a noisy city or your home is located next door to loud neighbours, a new simple solution has been created to help give you some long overdue peace and quiet.

IKEA have created a new home accessory called the ODDLAUG that can help silence even the noisiest of neighbours or outside noise, while also offering a subtle, stylish home decor accessory.

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ikea oddlaug

Shutterstock & IKEA

The ODDLAUG is the latest innovation from the flatpack furniture kings.

The panels work by dampening the general sound level in a room. That could be anything from a next door neighbour playing music or the television too loud, or street noise such has traffic, building work, or people.

The inventive panels are connected together using a simple click system, and can also be used to absorb noise created inside the home.

The panels feature a different shade of grey on each side, and can be placed together in a variety of different ways to create functional, comfortable, and stylish sound-proofing.

The ODDLAUG is priced at £25 for 15 panels, which can be added to with additional packets for larger spaces. To order visit IKEA in-store or online.

For more information on the IKEA ODDLAUG, or other IKEA products, visit IKEA online.

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