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IKEA’s New Limited-Edition Collection Could Make Moving House More Fun

ikea ombyte collection

You will struggle to find anyone who enjoys moving home or packing up their belongings, it’s a long, draining, often tiresome process, but IKEA want to change that.

The flat-pack furniture kings have revealed Ombyte, a new flexible collection focused on making moving house effortless, and a lot less stressful, with a range of designs meant to store your items while you move, then become part of your home once you have settled.

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ikea ombyte collection


Lets be honest, moving day is terrible. It isn’t an enjoyable experience with most people hating the entire process to the point they wish they were never moving in the first place.

IKEA seem to understand the universal annoyance with house moves, creating this new multi-functional collection focused purely on making moving day a breeze and, most importantly, fun.

The limited-edition IKEA Ombyte collection includes a range of versatile multi-use items such as a blue IKEA bag that transforms into a laundry basket, an adjustable trolley to help transport heavy items then turns into a shelving unit, and crates which are one part moving box, second part storage solution.

Ombyte is scheduled to be launched in August 2019.

Prices for the Ombyte collection range from £5 for the bag/laundry basket combo to £50 for the multipurpose crate.

To find out more information on the IKEA Ombyte collection visit IKEA online.

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