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IKEA Bring the Iconic Living Rooms of the Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends to Life

Ever wanted to have a living room exactly like one of your favouite television shows? IKEA have recreated a collection of iconic rooms with items you can buy in their stores.

The Swedish furniture giant unveiled their latest Real Life Series featuring living famous living rooms from Stranger Things, Friends, and everyone’s favourite TV family, The Simpsons, and the best bit is you can recreate them yourself.

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ikea real life series


Drawing from its selection of very reasonably priced furniture and homeware, IKEA have brought together a collection of items sourced from within their catalog of products and created three iconic spaces from television for their latest IKEA real life series.

The furniture giant have created a room for families, mates, and everyone, all very recognisable settings.

ikea real life series

IKEA & Stranger Things

Everyone remembers what the Friends and Simpsons living rooms look like, those images are almost ingrained into our memories after years spent watching the fab shows.

The Stranger Things room is more of long shot as it is still a fairly new phenomenon, but for those who have watched the uber popular scary series, the living room will make sense.

ikea real life series

IKEA & Friends

The collection of living room setting have been created to illustrate the extent of what you can create using just IKEA furniture.

To view the complete IKEA real life series living room spaces visit IKEA online.

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