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IKEA Want to Create Smart Homes of the Future With a New Concept

IKEA are aiming to transform homes by creating unique smart products with an exciting new homeware division.

The Swedish furniture outfit first created the Smart Home concept in 2012 with the aim of enriching life, in 2019 the company wants transform homes into technological hubs that not only enrich life, but also make it easier as well with new, original products.

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ikea smart home


The flat-pack furniture kings are making a major bet on smart home technology, by integrating their Smart Home division into the wider IKEA family, with the sole purpose of, as you’d guessed, developing smart home products.

The Swedish retailer have been involved in smart home devices since 2012, but have never developed their own products independent of other major tech brands such as Sonos or Apple.

The homeware giants are looking to create their own smart accessories such as wireless charging docks, smart lighting, security devices, and integrated digital home products with the sole purpose of making life easier.

ikea smart home


The move is aimed at making IKEA a player in the home tech market, currently dominated by the likes of Google, Amazon and other smart technology companies.

For more information on the move visit IKEA online.

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