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IKEA Have Unveiled a New Tool That Lets People Design Their Own Furniture

ikea sofa planner

In a move that’ll bring out the creative side in everyone, IKEA have unveiled a online new tool that lets you build your own furniture.

The Swedish furniture giants have revealed their latest innovation, the IKEA planner, which allows home decor enthusiasts to design their very own, one-of-a-kind, couches.

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ikea sofa planner


A sofa is much more than a seat. It is a place were you relax after a long day, catch up with friends and family, read, and spend days and nights watching films and television shows.

It is important your sofa is perfect for every occasion, so why not make your own.

The IKEA Planner allows users to create an endless variety of lounging options, very similar to how you would design a home in the super popular video game; The Sims.

Sofa designers can choose from five modular sofa styles and from there additions such as deep seats, headrests, foot stools, a variety of fabrics, and even additional seating, can be swapped in and out.

The innovative idea is perfect for furniture hunters looking for something a bit different, however, as with most things, the internet has had some fun with the planner and come up with some truly hilarious sofa ideas.

The furniture planner also has a function to create unique beds, cabinets, chests, drawers and shelving units.

Prices for each piece of furniture created on the IKEA sofa planner can range from anywhere between £905 to £15,000, depending on the size and materials used to create your newest home decor addition.

To start getting creative by using the IKEA sofa planner to design your very own sofa at IKEA online.

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