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IKEA Has Launched the Dreamiest Home Range Made from Natural Resources


Continuing with their pledge to create a sustainable future, IKEA has launched their Tankvard range just in time for summer.

This latest home range is a love note to everybody’s favourite season: with hues of indigo blue, crisp white cotton and rattan furniture bringing to mind sunny days and holidays in faraway countries.

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The dreamy collection is particularly notable for its tie-dye effect.

The bedding will breathe new life into any room with its distinctive indigo patterns that looks truly unique.


‘Playing natural materials and textures is a fantastic way to update your space, and bring the tranquillity and serenity of outside, inside’ explains Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader from IKEA UK and Ireland.

‘Sustainable materials such as rattan and sea grass are effective and versatile. An ideal way of opening up spaces and adding a raw bohemian freshness to any room.’

In addition to crisp cotton sheets, the range also introduces rustic rattan furniture and rugs that’ll bring a worldly influence to your home.

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Fresh from launching bamboo lamps with a decidedly Mediterranean feel, furniture from the Tankvard range could easily be at home in a house in Italy, as well as the UK.

What could be a sunnier idea than kitting your home out in style and helping the environment?

To discover the full range for yourself visit the official IKEA UK website.

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