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IKEA Explores the Future of Sustainable Urban Gardens with an Exciting New Exhibition and Product Range

ikea tom dixon urban gardening

When it comes to creating a little slice nature in city environments it’s often a struggle, IKEA are hoping to change that with an exhibition showcasing a range of futuristic gardening accessories and methods.

IKEA have teamed up creative designer Tom Dixon and revealed a unique product range and experience called Gardening Will Save The World at The RHS Chelsea Flower, illustrating the future of building gardens in urban environments.

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ikea tom dixon urban gardening

IKEA & Tom Dixon

Exploring alternative, locally produced, and more sustainable ways of growing food has become essential in helping to reverse the effects of extreme climate change.

As a result, IKEA partnered with gardening expert Dixon to create an exhibition showcasing urban gardening alternatives and solutions they believe everyone can use to help solve a number of the worlds biggest environmental problems.

The exhibition, which is currently on show at The Chelsea Flower Show, immerses people in an environment that shows how they can grow their own food and reduce the volume of food waste we currently produce, from city homes.

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ikea tom dixon urban gardening

IKEA & Tom Dixon

Visitors will have a chance to immerse themselves in a raised garden, canopy-like ecosystem of trees, flowers, and plants, which have medical and environmental benefits, that can be grown from any home setting.

The exhibition is a futuristic look at building gardens in city landscapes, and includes an exciting look at urban gardening products that’ll soon be available to buy from Tom Dixon and IKEA.

At the climax of the Chelsea Flower Show the flowers and plants currently on show in the exhibition will be donated to the charity Participatory City.

For more information visit IKEA online or visit the Gardening will Save The World exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show from 21 – 25 May.

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