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IKEA Are Inspiring Everyone with Their Multi-Functional Home Foot Spa Idea

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We all know IKEA products just have so many uses. If it’s not a pinboard that can transform into 14 different things, it’s a new way to use everyday items.

Case in point: the IKEA TORKIS which already has multi-functional use, including its main function as a laundry basket, as well as being a dish cleaning extraordinaire.

You probably didn’t expect, however, that you could create a zen-like experience with it.

The retailer has been encouraging everyone to set the mood with LED-candles and use the basket to create their very own home spa for only £5.






Simply fill the flexi basket with your favourite bath scents and sprinkle a few petals.


The TORKIS Flexi Landry Basket is available from IKEA for £5. 

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