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This Glorious Climbing Vine Will Turn Your Apartment Into a Genuine Garden Apartment

indoor climbing vine plants
© Le Sirenuse hotel, Italy

Indoor climbing vines are taking over homes in 2020, helping to transform them into all-natural, garden-escapes.

The indoor climbing vine is traditionally an outdoors garden plant, but in 2020 increasingly more homes are bringing the large and leggy greenery inside to give them a distinctly new greenhouse feel.

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indoor climbing vine plants


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From succulents to potted plants, the world has embraced the great outdoors when decorating in recent years. These small, simple, and discreet plants are a ubiquitous feature in and around homes, helping to offer a slice of natural-living, but now large, dominating greenery is making its way into homes, injecting an even bigger slice of the outdoors inside homes.

Climbing vines are typically found running up the side of walls, along fences, and covering paths, they can grow into enormous leafy beasts. They never stop growing, constantly reaching for the sunlight and covering as much space as possible.

They can now do the same inside homes, on a much lesser and controlled scale.

Growing climbing vines is not difficult, as most can thrive in any situation with minimal attention or care. It is important to remember that having climbing vines work best when growing along a feature, whether that be a curved ceiling, archway, beam, pipe, or exposed rafters. Most vines will attach onto these features and grow along them.

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