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You Can Turn Instagram Family Snaps into Tiny Photos for Your Fridge

© Etsy / PocketPrint

We all want to cherish our happy memories but, in a digital age, photos on a screen don’t always do them justice.

Retro photo options, such as Polaroid, remain popular as a physical way to connect with loved ones and you can also buy mini ones to pop on your fridge.

You can turn family, travel or pets photos into magnets, reminding you both of the good times and decorating your fridge in style.

UK based Etsy shop PocketPrint create the items by receiving your chosen photos via the messaging service and laminating each magnet print to create tiny snaps of your friends, family, pets or travel destinations.

The prints could be the perfect way to remind you of the best times in your life or they could make for the perfect gift, especially if you live far away.

3 prints come in at a purse-friendly £ 4.85 or you could go all out and buy up to 25.

So cute!

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