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Jagermeister Has Launched Their Very Own Jager Bath Bomb

jagermeister bath bomb
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The Jager bomb is a staple tipple on weekend nights out, and now fans of the distinctive shot can enjoy it from the comfort of their homes in the form of bath bombs.

The innovative bombs from the German drinks manufacturer are a limited edition gift, and come featuring two Jager bath bombs along with two mini bottles of Jagermeister – everything necessary to create a relaxing bath time soak.

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jagermeister bath bomb


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To help lovers of the memory erasing elixir, and who also enjoy a long soak in herbal essences, the limited edition bath bombs aim to help relax muscles and de-stress minds.

The sets comes with a pair of large bath bombs, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a pair of Jager soaks, and two miniature bottles of Jager to help complete the “night-out” overall experience.

The only warning is these bombs will turn bath water a bright green colour, before infusing your bathroom with the distinctive Jager scents of aniseed, orange and cinnamon.

The Jager bath bomb is priced at £9.99 and is available to order from Jagermeister online.

For more information on the Jagermeister bath bomb visit Jagermeister online.

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