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Lavish Ways to Incorporate Jewel Tones into Your Home

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Think “jewel tones decor” and chances are you’ll be dreaming of your very own velvet boudoir complete with rich shades of emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst.

A hot autumnal interior trend, this lush and lavish look is typically dripping in bold colour and luxe detail, however there’s also a number of ways you can give the look a stunning update to suit your style.

From essential styling to alternative twists, here’s everything you need to know to copy the look for yourself.

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Jewel Tones Decor –  basic styling tips

Bring on the Velvet

Whether it’s a lush sofa or statement bed, velvet furniture instantly adds an elegant focal point to a room and sets a luxurious base upon which to build upon.

Layer regal Textures

Layer deep, rich tones via opulent textures like velvet and faux fur to create a lavish, comfortable setting that’s perfect for cosying up in.

look for luxe fluting detail

If you want to be really fancy (and bang on trend), choose furniture with fluting detail.  These are the deep grooves that make a real statement in sofas or chairs alike.

jewel tones decor


feature luxe accessories

The simplest way to accessorise jewel tones is to keep it simple with metallic gold accessories making a room feel charming and elegant.

Alternatively, brighten up your space with teal accessories. Purple and teal can work perfectly together in a glamorous setting.

showcase jewel-tone Glassware

Jewel-inspired interiors call for jewel-tone glassware and Dartington Crystal have the dreamiest collection called Little Treasures.

There’s everything from a beautiful amethyst to perfect topaz, ideal for when you want to dip into the trend without overdoing it.

Dartington Crystal

Opt for Distinctive Fixtures

Light up the space with distinctive fixtures to enhance the overall ambiance. Individual pendant bulbs give off a modern, almost industrial feel while sleek standing lamps are practical and stylish.

Introducing unusual and unique shapes, such as a pineapple or even a bird, keeps the trend interesting.


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Jewel Tones Decor – styling twists

keep it Neutral

If you’re frightened of introducing too much colour, adding a jewel tone sofa to your existing neutral palette is one of the easiest ways to achieve the lush look without having to completely change your interior space.

Moody glamour with dusky jewel tones

Jewel tone decor doesn’t always need to be big and bold. Rebecca, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, suggests letting rich jewel tones like deep mauve, sapphire blue and dusty pink take centre stage for a darker edge.

“Embrace the sophistication of the season in all its moody glamour,” says Rebecca.

embrace Yellow

On a brighter note, you can also update yellow for autumn by opting for a warm yellow shade that is line with deep, rich jewel tones.

Shades like emerald and amethyst may be most associated with jewel tones, but citrine yellow or even mustard yellow can result in a lighter, modern take on autumn decor.

“This trendy colour contrasts nicely with a sleek black leather sofa to produce an edgy and season appropriate palette,” says Rebecca, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice.

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