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These Are Some of the Home Decorating Trends to Look Out For in 2020

John Lewis home trends 2020

If you are already looking towards 2020 and how best to keep your home stylishly on point, John Lewis & Partners have looked into the future and revealed decoration trends to look out for in 2020.

To inspire new home decoration projects, and help people lead less predictable lives, the high street giant has unveiled new technology and environmentally friendly homeware ideas to expect to see in homes next new year.

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Wicks and Stones

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John Lewis are predicting homes will become much more flexible living environments, incorporating technology, connectivity and environmentally friendly homeware items and devices into almost every corner of the home.

The retailer expects crystals, more specifically those with potential healing powers, to be seen more and more. Brands such as Australia’s, Wicks and Stones, offer a wide range of crystal and candle options, all aiming to meet welbeing and home decor requirements.

With the rapid increase in smart home devices, voice assistants, and growth of 5G connectivity, John Lewis predicts homes to become almost self-sufficient, and close to completely run by high-tech devices in 2020.

Think, one-touch cooking, eco-friendly lighting solutions, voice controlled kettles, application-run washing machines, and drone hoovers such as the Roomba, becoming ubiquitous features in every home.

John Lewis home trends 2020


One home decor trend to expect to see in 2020, which might take everyone by surprise, is wallpaper on ceilings.

The trend of bold home styling and statement wallpaper will now reach new heights with wallpaper being used on ceilings to help enhance homes overall aesthetic, and make better use of the often overlooked home feature.

This is such a small example of the home decor trends John Lewis is expecting to see in 2020.To view the complete John Lewis home trends 2020 visit John Lewis & Partners online.

For more information on the John Lewis home trends 2020 visit John Lewis & Partners online.

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