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The New John Lewis Eclectics Range is Full of Luxury Interior Inspiration

john lewis new eclectics
© John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis have revealed their latest homeware collection and it is focused on bold, bright, confident items that all pack a luxurious punch.

The department store giants New Eclectics interiors range is fun and pattern-rich, giving home decoration enthusiasts a chance to experiment with individuality and create a real personality for their homes.

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john lewis new eclectics

John Lewis & Partners

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The exquisite mood-altering collection features every bright and wonderful hue from reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, blues and greens, all fused together across an extensive range of interior items.

Included in the New Eclectics collection are multidimensional sofa’s, cushions, floor lamps, chairs, vases, kitchenware, framed prints, lamp-bases and a luxe velvet chaise, plus a host of other home essentials.

To view the complete New Eclectics collection visit John Lewis & Partners online.

Prices items in the John Lewis Eclectics start at £3 for ultra-soft cotton towels, £9 for elegant medium sized bowls, £25 for a flower bud vase and tealight holder and £295 for an Egyptian cotton bedding set. All are available in-store or at John Lewis & Partners online.

For more information on the John Lewis New Eclectics collection visit John Lewis & Partners online.

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