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This Stylish New Sofa can Transform into Almost Anything

kati meyer-brühl furniture

If you are looking for a new sofa to add to your home that can transform into a number of different handy, and stylish, elements, look no further than the new piece from Kati Meyer-Brühl.

The German furniture designer, whose manufacturing company, Bruhl, focuses on creating sustainable and eco-friendly premium-quality seating concepts, has created a sofa perfect for those in need of something more from their seating.

The latest concept to come out of the Lichtenberg-based designers is Airy, a sofa that can be moved, bent, shaped and moulded into anything from a bed, chair and also just a regular sofa.


kati meyer-brühl furniture

The Airy Sofa

What could a sofa system look like that makes almost anything possible.

This super flexible, universal sofa removes the boundaries between the different areas in the home and combines relaxing, sleeping and socialising in a unique way.

Ideal for people looking for a sofa that can serve a number of different roles. The Airy, which is roughly the same size as a double bed, features four incredibly agile, fully adjustable rest elements that can be moved from a horizontal position to an almost completely vertical position.

With the rest elements fully upright, the sofa becomes a protected island for resting or sleeping.

Extendable in numerous ways with various additional elements, the Airy is perfect for those looking for more from their sofa.

To buy your very own airy sofa visit Bruhl online.

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