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This All-In-One Bar Has Everything You Need for the Weekend

keter cool bar

Summer is here, kinda, which means it’s time to start thinking about outdoor activities and, of course BBQs, and we might have found the perfect portable bar to help you make the most of the warm season.

Morrisons have begun selling the cool bar to help make sure all your friends and family always have cool drinks on hand this summer with its bucket drinks container, and very useful extendable table rest.

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keter cool bar


No one enjoys a warm drink on a hot day, it is a vibe killer, that’s why this fab cooler is the ideal addition to your garden and home during the warm summer season.

The All in One Cool Bar is the finishing touch every BBQ’s and outdoor event needs.

The inventive bar includes a 30L bucket, which can be filled with ice and all your drinks, and can be drained with a detachable plug at its base.

The lid is the most important feature of this cooler, it extends up from a coffee table position to a trendy bar height, perfect for those who are standing and chatting.

The Keter Cool bar is available in either white, grey, beige and espresso brown colours, all variations are made from plastic.

The Keter Cool Bar is priced at £30 and is available in store at Morrisons or online at Amazon.

For more information on the All In One Cool Bar visit Keter online.

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