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Keep Your Kitchen Clutter At Bay With These Storage Ideas

The kitchen is where you spend most of your time when you are home, why not make sure it is clutter free with these simple, yet very, effective storage solutions.

Whether there are too many mugs, boxes of cereal preventing cupboard doors from being closed or just piles of unnecessary mess stacking up because there isn’t a place for it to go, these clutter removal ideas will help keep your kitchen looking fresh and free.

Box it Up

Kitchen clutter storage

Reusable food storage containers are essential for big or small family who require lots of food.

By keeping everything stored in neat boxes it not only organises and tidies your fridge and cupboards, it keeps your food staying fresh for longer and you’ll know exactly how much food is left in each container with their clear packaging.

From £23.69, The Container Store

Cereal Storage

Kitchen clutter storage

For more of a streamlined cereal storage system embrace clear containers.

The containers take up less room than the oversized boxes and their airtight seal will keep the contents fresh for longer.

£49.99, Lakeland

Hide the Snacks

Kitchen clutter storage

Everyone has a place for all their treats and snacks, why not dedicate an entire drawer or cupboard for all your delicious nibbles.

Use reusable storage containers to make sure the snack zone remains organised and doesn’t become a chaotic mess.

New Waste Management

Kitchen clutter storage

Refuse bins and kitchen waste management has shifted from just single cylinder, ugly containers which do nothing more than store your waste. Today bins can do a multitude of different tasks from providing recycling areas, smell prevention and even warn you when it is time to take the bins out.

Commit to a new bin for your kitchen to save not only space but time and energy cleaning your kitchen.

Clean those cabinets

Kitchen clutter storage

When was the last time you remodeled your kitchen? If it was a while ago, rather than going for a full-on renovation job why not just give your shelves a fresh coat of paint.

Portable islands

Kitchen clutter storage

If you don’t have the space or budget for a stunning kitchen island, why not opt for a smaller, more portable version.

These will not only offer extra storage solutions and clean up any clutter in your cupboards, it will also be able to be used as a handy extra dinner preparation area.

From £149-£850, John Lewis & Partners

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