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Get Inspired by These Kitchen Extension Ideas

If you dream of a large, open-plan kitchen, but don’t want to move home in order to get one, a kitchen extension is your next best option.

Not only will a new kitchen extension give you the extra room, and the design you desire, it could also increase the value of your home – when time finally comes to move.

Now a kitchen extension is a big job, they aren’t easy and can often spiral in costs as you want to add more and more detail. They can also be very stressful.

But have no fear, we are here to guide you on what you need to plan for throughout the building process and, more importantly, we offer some stunning inspiration for your next kitchen.

Let the light in

Light plays a vital part in any kitchen design strategy.

It will connect different areas of the home so the choice of roof, window positioning and artificial lighting therefore plays an important role in dictating how much light will fill your new kitchen.

Go openplan

Another great idea for a kitchen extension is to create an new room that connects seamlessly onto your original home for an increased sense of space.

These are extensive extensions, but it allows you to incorporate your current home features with new modern elements.

Make colour the star

kitchen extension ideas

In an all-white or neutral kitchen, sometimes picking a standout shade for a single feature helps to bring a jolt of life and energy into your kitchen.

This will simplify and streamline the scheme, particularly in smaller extensions, and help turn your kitchen into a destination room.

Unify with a theme

Integrate your extended space by using a single decorating scheme throughout.

Pick calm, soothing and co-ordinating colours that will lift and lighten the feel in a room you, and your family, will spend an enormous amount of time in.

Add an Island

Large kitchen extensions have all the makings of the perfect open-plan living space.

Using a central island to divide the room and make cooking more of a social event by adding a breakfast bar is an ideal addition for turning one room into a multi-functioning room.

Creating distinct and separate zones for cooking, dining and relaxing, while still ensuring continuity with a neutral shade throughout, which allows everyone in the kitchen to be part of the action.

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By Alex McLeman