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What to Consider When Shopping for Kitchen Flooring

When it comes to the base of good design, it all starts with good kitchen flooring.

Of course it’s the foundation of the room in the most literal sense, but it can make or break a room. The right flooring should be durable, low maintenance and easy cleaning. Functionality notwithstanding, you want something nice to stand on, and ideally, a surface that’s great to look at and blends in beautifully with the rest of the room.

Now, the number of options for kitchen floors is outstanding, if not overwhelming! There are scores of options and in every which material, pattern and even arrangement.

Read on for our guide to kitchen flooring ideas that are just right for your lifestyle and budget.

So, how do you pick kitchen flooring?

Think carefully. It starts with a few questions… and then a quite a few more. First, is this for your first home or your dream home? Fixer upper, buy to let, or both?

Fancy resplendent hardwood flooring? Or a cheaper surface that won’t make you wince when faced with an onslaught of spills and dirty shoes? A busy household — with the possible factor of children or pets — definitely changes the equation.

Finally, how much time and money are you willing to put up upfront in installation, and later, with maintenance?

Budget friendly kitchen flooring ideas

For the most bang for your budget, it’s best to select a DIY friendly floor. Fitting kitchen flooring on your own is the most affordable option.



Laminate flooring provides the look of wooden, stone or ceramic flooring, but with budget friendly prices, durability, and low maintenance care. Quick and easy, laminate just clicks and locks together. The advantages of a installing a low cost kitchen floor in a day are invaluable for those on a budget.


On the downside, the real stuff, i.e. actual hardwood flooring, will be significantly more appealing to buyers — and to your resale value. Albeit cost effective and easy to install, laminate typically needs to be replaced when damaged. It cannot be refinished like wood nor can it withstand standing pools of water in case of spills or leaks.



Another budget favourite, vinyl flooring is chosen for its good value, water resistance and easy upkeep. In similar fashion to laminate, vinyl is easy to install. The major difference is its marked resistance to moisture — it’s the reason why vinyl is often chosen for bathrooms.


Whilst laminate is made from wood product, vinyl is all plastic. Thus, vinyl flooring can appear less convincing than laminate.

Tile kitchen flooring ideas

Options: porcelain, stone, ceramic, marble, mosaic, terracotta and more


If you enjoy combing the internet for dream kitchen flooring ideas, you’ll love tile floors. Tiles come in just about every look or style. You can go classic with neutral tiles or make it modern with a vivid pattern.

And in terms of pricing and value, tile kitchen flooring is the mid point between linoleum and hardwood. They’re a great option for easy maintenance and staying power for value. Tiles can be one of the more affordable options, though it’s possible to go luxe with marble.


Tile flooring can be quite chilly. It’s hard on the feet and can be loud to your downstairs neighbours. DIY tile flooring is advanced, requiring special equipment and specialised knowledge. Plus, tile grout can also be finicky to clean and maintain.


Kitchen flooring ideas: hardwood


The prestige of hardwood floors is untold. Wood floors are lusted after for their character, beauty and classic look. Aside from their expensive look and feel, wood can stand the test of time with the right amount of TLC. They’re warm underfoot and lend genuine ambiance. Wood is also prone to scratching, but you may appreciate the time worn patina.


Wood flooring is the real deal with the eye-watering prices to match. This includes the initial cost of the wood and professional installation, as well as sanding and refinishing in the future. Water damage, especially in a busy kitchen, is also a menace.

Kitchen flooring ideas: eco friendly and more

Whether it’s cork or bamboo, glass tiles or concrete, sustainable kitchen flooring is an expanding category.

Another option? Simply keep your current kitchen floors. If you’ve inherited gorgeous floors, bring them back to life with DIY or hire help to reclaim hardwood.

If you’re not in the position to replace floors, the power of a good rug cannot be exaggerated. A cheap flat rug will fix many design ills.

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