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10 Inspirational Ways Dark Kitchen Cabinets Can Transform Your Home

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When it comes to designing a kitchen, you might not necessarily think of including dark cabinets first and foremost, but it’s actually a rising trend.

It’s natural to assume that dark cabinets equals black colouring exclusively, but actually there’s various ways you can get the look without your kitchen looking just too dark.

From colour contrasts to alternative shades, these kitchen ideas will help you get the perfect cooking haven…

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choose a colour contrast

kitchen ideas with dark cabinets


If you’re afraid of going too dark, go for a contrast by pairing a light surface with a darker cabinet. White walls can give a light, airy feel to a room, only intensifying the effect of the doors.

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Opt for a chic blue

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Dark doesn’t auto-mean black. There’s varying shades of blue that are also bang on the darker cabinet trend.

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use a wood stain

kitchen ideas with dark cabinets


Add interest to your wooden cabinets by considering a wood stain. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to upgrade wooden cabinets from light to dark and give it a new lease of life.

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Pair wood with dark surfaces


For a chic feel in your kitchen, look to pair wood with a dark surfaces.

Grey is the new black


A great alternative to black is of course grey. Pairing it with grey flooring tiles will only reinforce the theme and give it a sophisticated matchy-match feel.

Go all out on dark wood cabinets

The perfect way to achieve the look and feel of a luxury kitchen is to introduce deep, dark wood cabinets to your kitchen. There’s just something rich and expensive-looking about dark brown.

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Match with wooden flooring


Wood cabinets can act as a natural companion to the dark cabinets. Why not have your kitchen island in a shade of black, surrounded by varying types of wood?

Opting for a light or dark wood floor is the perfect finishing touch in your kitchen.

choose an All-wood finish


Alternatively, choose all-wood cabinets for your kitchen.

Add colour to your walls

Zuiver Travis Drinks Cabinet, £1479, Cuckooland

One way to help with the darkness of a black cabinet is to find a contrasting colour pop.

Subtle shades of colour, such as this pastel pink, can add really lift the overall feel of the kitchen making it feel welcoming and friendly, while the black cabinet stands out as a key feature.

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Mix up your finishes


Complement dark wood cabinets by mixing up the types of materials you choose in your kitchen for an edgy yet modern feel.

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