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Kitchen Island Ideas You Will Love Being Marooned On

kitchen islands

Kitchen islands can serve a number of different purposes.

As well as being the visual anchor of the space that is usually the social centre of the home, they also help increase the room’s function, efficiency and, overall, the enjoyability of the room everyone loves spending time in.

When considering a new kitchen a large percentage of us are looking to feature an island inside larger, open-plan extensions. The island has become an essential feature of the modern kitchen, and for us it is not difficult to see why.

An island unit has lots to bring to a kitchen design.

kitchen island ideas


For a start, it can provide extra prep space, and even form a boundary between the cooking zone and the living/dining/socialising area.

A shaped island unit can also help direct the flow of traffic away from busy social/cooking hotspots. Their design can be any shape from long and slim, running parallel to the work area, neat and round in a compact room or even big and broad and housing a sink and other kitchen appliances.

Kitchen island options are limitless and will allow your imagination to run wild during the planning process.

kitchen island ideas


But where do you start?

When planning begins there can be a lot of pushing and pulling in every direction. It can be stressful and oftentimes you will want to yield all responsibility to someone else.

That doesn’t need to happen.

We have a helpful ideas guide for before you begin your kitchen island expedition, which we hope will not only make this process as simple as possible, while also offering some stunning island inspiration.

Think about what kind of design is going to provide the most utility by asking.

What will it be used for the most?

kitchen island ideas


Whether it be to eat on a daily basis, add some extra space to your kitchen environment, kitchen islands are ideal for everything.

This idea provides the best of multiple worlds. It offers extra seating, space to prepare meals, and even an impressive area to enjoy television.

What particular features will enhance the existing kitchen?

kitchen island ideas



Kitchen islands don’t always have to mean you no longer have a need for a dining area. This example proves that it not the case.

The island includes a breakfast bar for daily use while the traditional dining table is also an option to allow for more formal entertaining.

What does the space need?

kitchen island ideas


Why do you want a kitchen island? Is it to help with food prep? Expand the space in your kitchen? or for entertaining?

This stunning example is what you can achieve when partying and entertaining is your primary concern.

With an exceptional 30 bottle built-in wine rack on the wall, marble surfaces that mimic the midnight sky or the abundance of open space, this kitchen island idea is perfect for those who love to host.

If the room lacks cabinet space, how much storage do you need?

kitchen island ideas


Kitchen islands are often viewed as space invaders, taking up room which could be used for storage or other kitchen appliances.

That is not the case, they can not only house appliances but also provide storage solutions that can free up more space around the kitchen.

If you don’t have a kitchen or dining room table (and even if you do), extra seating might be a priority?

kitchen island ideas


In smaller kitchens installing an island is sometimes avoided as they can dominate the space, but they are the ideal solution when you cannot have that traditional dining area.

This stylish idea allows for a dining area right in the heart of the kitchen, whilst not consuming the entire kitchen space.

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By Alex McLeman