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Kitchenaid Are Back With a Range of Crystal Blue Kitchen Appliances

kitchenaid blue velvet

Always looking to push the envelope on creating eye-catching kitchen appliances, Kitchenaid’s new summer inspired line will infuse your home with bright and colourful vibes.

The kitchenware specialists latest collection, the Blue Velvet range, is packed with everything your kitchen might need, plus a whole lot of colour and life.

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kitchenaid blue velvet


The beautifully crafted collection features the sleek Kitchenaid designs, detailed finishes, and delightful colour.

The blue velvet range includes the standard Kitchenaid appliances from a toaster, kettle, and juicer, with one additional item – the latest baking mixer, the Artisan Stand mixer 4.8.

The new mixer is Kitchenaid’s most versitile yet, perfect for kneading all kids of dough when you want to make pasta, pizza, or bread.

It has also been built to last longer than ever. Made from the toughest materials, the artisan stand mixer can take on any recipe you throw at it, always producing the most delicious results.

The most impressive feature the mixer has is it’s ability to be adapted to fit every kitchen need. The artisan can be transformed into a meat processor, baking mixer or pasta maker by simply changing its head with a range of fittings.

The Kitchenaid blue velvet range is priced from £499 and is available at Kitchenaid online.

To view the entire Blue Velvet collection visit Kitchenaid online.

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