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To Celebrate 100 Years, KitchenAid Reveal a New Must-Have Queen of Hearts Baking Collection

kitchenaid queen of hearts

To celebrate their 100 year birthday this year, KitchenAid are launching a limited edition collection that’ll send bakers into dreamland.

The iconic home appliance brand has revealed a brand new collection to get everyone baking their favorite sponges, pastries and bread this spring, the Queen of Hearts collection, which also includes a big difference to their other products.

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kitchenaid queen of hearts


Always looking to inject our kitchens with colour, life and baking opportunity, KitchenAid’s new collection is a desert lovers doughy dream.

Launched to celebrate 100 years of KitchenAid products, the passion-infused Queen of Hearts collection includes a stand mixer, high performance blender, food processor, hand mixer and hand blender.

kitchenaid queen of hearts


If baking isn’t your forte, this collection also includes a very contemporary looking two-slice toaster and kettle.

The best bit of the entire collection? Each piece is adorned with cute hearts to distinguish this new range from all of KitchenAid’s other products, while also creating a unique commemorative design.

The limited edition baking and home collection will be available at John Lewis in June.

For more information on the Queen of Hearts collection, or other products, visit KitchenAid online.

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