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KitchenAid Have Revealed a New Mixing Bowl Range Every Home Needs This Spring

kitchenaid spring mixing bowl range

If you are looking to inject your kitchen with a touch of spring KitchenAid have revealed a new range of mixing bowls perfect for spreading the springtime vibes.

Winter is officially over and spring is here. That means the temperature is, suppose to, finally start to rise, the days feel longer and flowers all start to bloom.

It is a beautiful time of the year and kitchenware specialists KitchenAid are embracing the seasonal change with a delightful range of ceramic mixing bowls featuring a range of springtime imagery.

kitchenaid spring mixing bowl range


An industry leader in colour and design for the past 100 years, KitchenAid aim to fuel creativity and inspiration amongst passionate cooks with a range of practical and visually impressive kitchen appliances.

Following their 100 year anniversary release of a limited edition mixer, KitchenAid are back with a set of mixers perfect for getting into the spring spirit.

The new range fits with the appliance speicalists 4.8 Artisan Stand Mixer 175 and includes five stunningly crafted quart, ceramic bowls perfect for baking and cooking this spring and summer.

kitchenaid spring mixing bowl range


Each bowl features a unique design which celebrates the natural beauty of ceramics.

The collection includes; confetti sprinkle, parasol, scandi floral, whispering floral and white mermaid lace. All images are printed on to the bowls usint

Beyond the contemporary and stylish designs, the bowls feature a number of key product elements including, being microwavable, suitable for use in the oven, easy to use, made using reinforced titanium ceramic and is dishwasher-safe.

The bowls are priced at £50 and go up to £65. The bowls are currently not yet on sale but have a mid-spring release date, along with a host of other 100 year anniversary homeware items set to be launched.

For more information on the complete range of new products visit KitchenAid online.

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